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Radiant Ankh (Reversible)

Radiant Ankh (Reversible)

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In the golden embrace of dawn, the sun-god Ra awakens, casting his benevolent gaze upon the earth. With wings spread wide like a mighty falcon, he embarks on his odyssey across the skies, bestowing light upon the world below.

As twilight engulfs the land in darkness, Ra descends into the depths of the Duat, the mysterious realm of the underworld. Through the darkest hours of the night, he battles hellish serpents to safeguard the balance of existence—until at last, the first glimmer of dawn heralds his triumphant return.

The Radiant Ankh, with its two completely different sides, stands as a testament to both ancient mythology and contemporary artistry.

The front consists of intricate star motifs and geometric patterns. Lines flare out in all directions, symbolizing the sun's radiant energy.

The reverse was inspired by the depths of ancient tombs, each detail meticulously etched to evoke a sense of uncovered mystery.

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