Mythological art you can wear.

Crafted with soul in California.

A legend in the making.

Your path can be a story just as wild and vivid as the myths.

It's up to you how it will be written.

Find a piece you really resonate with, visually or with its story, and wear it as a symbol of your journey.

Follow your own path.

MYTHIC jewelry doesn't blend in.

These pieces are made for people who deviate from the path most followed.

Unrivaled intricacy.

Every square inch of the “canvas” is used when designing a piece.

While the backs of other pendants and insides of rings are usually left blank, a MYTHIC piece always has a story to tell—no matter where you look.

Heirlooms in the making.

Jewelry should last a lifetime. Don't settle for less.

I don't cut corners. Mythic rings and pendants are made the hard way, with my hands, right here in the USA.

Each piece is designed and crafted with soul. Designing the backs of pendants and insides of rings adds additional weeks or months of work but I believe going the extra mile is what makes something truly special.