Wearable art that tells a story.

Mythology-inspired handcrafted jewelry for men and women.

Life is too short to remain ordinary.

Embrace your individuality and redefine norms.

Myths told stories of beings that often appeared human despite their divine status.

They suggest that we all have ta shot to be extraordinary.

Wear your story.

Myths tell stories but so does your own life.

Find a piece you really resonate with and wear it as a symbol of your journey.

Heirlooms in the making.

Jewelry should last a lifetime. Don't settle for less.

We don't cut corners. Our rings and pendants are made the hard way, with our hands, right here in the USA.

Unrivaled intricacy.

Every square inch of the canvas is used when designing a piece.

While the backs of pendants and insides of rings are usually left blank, a MYTHIC piece always has a story to tell.

Small-batch craft.

MYTHIC jewelry is crafted in small batches.

A limited inventory ensures the uncommon nature of each piece and by requiring less shipping and packaging, is a far more sustainable than a high-volume approach.

Planet first.

At MYTHIC we first and foremost value the world that made us and the beautiful materials we work with.

In addition to our sustainable business practices, a small percent of your purchase will go directly to an environmental charity.