Welcome to MYTHIC

Our jewelry is expensive.

MYTHIC jewelry is made the hard way—with our own hands.

We don't chase cost-savings by making our stuff overseas or cutting down on quality control. We don't cut corners and we don't make excuses.

Built on story.

Every MYTHIC piece has a story to tell.

This Ankh was made in the image of Ra, who each morning would awaken the world below with his benevolent glow, before sailing across the skies and plunging into the depths of Duat to safeguard the balance of existence.

Unrivaled intricacy.

A single piece takes months to design and refine to ensure that each tiny detail is perfectly in-tune with the design as a whole.

The result of this dedication is a truly one-of-a-kind piece that you can be proud to own.

Afterall, a piece of jewelry reflects the wearer—a cheaply made, mass-produced piece is not going to reflect the unique nature of who you are.

Planet first.

At MYTHIC we highly value the world that made us and the beautiful materials it gave us to work with.

To thank the earth that gave us the silver that you see, we run our business:

  • all business is done locally in the US
  • we take a small-batch approach
  • so far, over 80% of our packaging is recyclable