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Davy’s Old Cutlass [Single-Earring]

Davy’s Old Cutlass [Single-Earring]

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Embody the spirit of the high seas with Davy's Old Cutlass—a bold fusion of pirate lore and maritime mystique!

Crafted with intricate detail, this single dangling earring features a pirate's cutlass with a menacing tentacle wrapped around it, alluding to the legendary Davy Jones and his watery domain. 

With its unique nautical theme, this pirate sword earring will surely set you apart from traditional sword or cross danglers—a bold statement piece that's sure to make waves wherever you go ;)

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Wearable art.

Each piece of MYTHIC jewelry takes months to design before it's considered ready to produce.

I think about the rich stories behind the piece as I design it. I think about how to incorporate elements from the myth to visually retell the story.